Christmas or Opet Festival?

Some people are already talking about Christmas.

What if there was a similar celebration before Jesus?

There was the Opet Festival celebrated in Ancient Egypt.

The Beautiful Feast of Opet (or Opet Festival) was an Ancient Egyptian festival celebrated annually in Thebes (Luxor), during the New Kingdom and in later periods. 

The statues of the deities of the Theban Triad — AmunMut and their child Khonsu — were escorted in a joyous procession, though hidden from sight in a sacred barque, from the temple of Amun in Karnak, to the temple of Luxor, a journey of more than 1 mile (2 km),

 in a marital celebration. 

The highlight of the ritual is the meeting of Amun-Re of Karnak with the Amun of Luxor.[1] 

Rebirth is a strong theme of Opet and there is usually a re-coronation ceremony of the pharaoh.[2]

Bend the knee.

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