Hurricane Update: Day 6?

Confused on days. Actually, we got the evacuation notice last Wednesday, so it could be considered day 7.

Thursday morning we had to leave. Saturday we moved to a more secure building (for a category 5 hurricane). Monday we relocated to our first shelter. Now we wait for our apartment to be opened, so we can go back home.

Local buses weren’t running when I checked earlier today. some businesses are open. We have been under a curfew from 7 pm to 7 am.

I am grateful.

I think the important message is that your life is more important than your apartment, house, stuff, etc.

Your life is also more valuable than risking it to get to family. If you are with your family, and you need to evacuate, do so. If you are not with your family, get to a safe shelter. And tell your family to do the same if they are in an area that is being evacuated.


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